A Kappella Munda

We get out and perform, and sometimes a brave soul risks taking a photo.

These are some of the recent pictures.

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April 3, 4,and 5 were World of Multicultural Music (WoMM) Workshops in Katanning and a huge mob of us went along,  Below is a spider's eye view of the massed choir working on a new song under the expert guidance of Digby Hill.

Attentive choir clustered around Digby

       Digby was the star, he was leading the workshops, and we had a great time.
Digby Hill leading the choirs

For a pickup group we did well, and performed in the church on Sunday morning

WoMM performance in the Church at Katanning

Akappella Munda indoors on the stairway

Akappella Munda lines up on the staircase indoors

and the Massed WoMM Group shot outside the front door of Kobeelya

Group shot of the whole WoMM choir outside Kobeelya's porchway

(WoMM Photos by Michael Cheffins)

Kalamunda History Village Vehicle Shed Opening 3 May 2009

Kalamunda History Village 3 May 2009 Opening day

                Above: Vocal warm up behind the Kalamunda Library

Platform one Akappella Munda at the Kalamunda History Village opening day

          Platform One Akappella Munda in full voice
History Village gave us a certificate of recognition

Volunteer recognition

Birthday Party (with a Pirate theme)

AKM's Birthday 14June 2009 (Pirate Theme)

Look at the Birdie and everyone say "AAARRRRRRRR!!!!!"

AKM Birthday 14 June 2009 (Pirate theme) Wenches

"Ship's sinking - Man the lifeboats!"
"Women first?"
"No! Lifeboats first, women later..."

AKM Birthday 14 June 2009 Digby meets Davey Jones
Digby Meets Davey Jones
"What's that on your shoulder, Davey Jones?"
"It's a carrot  - the quartermaster couldn't spell!"

Farmer's Markets 19 July 2009 (singin' in the rain...)

Akappella Munda Busking at the Kalamunda Farmers' Markets 19 July 2009 p1

Digby wore the poster for the Starry Night review

Akappella Munda Busking at the Kalamunda Farmers' Markets 19 July 2009 p2

Before the rain came

Akappella Munda Busking at the Kalamunda Farmers' Markets 19 July 2009 p3

and the rain came down, so we sang to the rain, and it cleared

Akappella Munda Busking at the Kalamunda Farmers' Markets 19 July 2009 p4

so we sang african skies

Starry Night Concert Poster

November already?

Time for an outdoor shot!

28 November 2009 AKM in the Gazebo Kamamunda

28 Nov 2009 AKM in the Gazebo in central Kalamunda

End of November 2009 The gazebo in Central Kalamunda

29 November Rotary Kalamunda Karnivale main stage

the daunting prospect of an empty auditorium
Choir's eye view 
(Audience sheltering against the SUN - last year they sheltered under the verandahs against the RAIN)

The audient at the start - Kalamunda Karnivale 29 Nov 2009
        the Audient

What a difference a Year Makes? Kalamunda Karnivale 29 Nov 2009
and what a difference a year makes? Last year this was

AKM on stage at Kalamunda Karnivale 29 Nov 2009

Singing strongly now, people started coming closer

Tenors & Basses acting up at the Kalamunda Karnivale 29 Nov 2009
    Tenors & Basses hamming it up

AKM at the Kalamunda Karnivale 29 Nov 2009

A respectable crowd gathered (in spite of the hot sun)

and we had a Christmas Party, and took a big group shot

AKM Christmas Party Group photograph 5 Dec 2009

2009 Runway Carols

First was at the Domestic terminal - a lot of carols with Virgin in the lyrics

Carols at the Domestic Airport 20 Dec 2009

see also Bottom picture of  Digby Hill page

and for the second set we found a wall to back us up

Domestic Airport Carols 20 Dec

Then we performed  at the International Terminal - Duty Free Carols

Airport Carols 21 Dec International Terminal

and we got the attention of some of the departures

Airport Carols 21 Dec Departing Audience

We continue to add to these pictures as time goes by.  

If you are in the Kalamunda area on a Saturday Afternoon, come by and find out what we are up to.

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