A Kappella Munda

We get out and perform, and sometimes a brave soul risks taking a photo.

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IN JANUARY  one of the choir members had a Birthday and invited us along,
only to have us sing loudly and enjoy ourselves
AKM at Benis Birthday Jan 2010

MAY 2010 was another birthday opportunity.
This time with a French Theme
MAY 2010 AKM at a French Themed Birthday

JUNE 2010 is A Kappella Munda's Birthday and that always requires a party...
(It was our 16th Birthday, &  had a sweet 16 theme from the 50s)
AKM Birthday 2010 Singing In A Circle
Digby - CATCH!

AKM Birthday 2010 Glee Club Outing
Spranos having some Gleeeeeeeeeeee!!!

AKM Birthday 2010 Men At Work
Men at work...

AKM Birthday 2010 Digby The Beat Poet
Digby came as a Beat Poet  (You can check Wiki for that if you don't know)

AKM Birthday 2010 Serious Dancing
Serious Dancing by John D and Moira M

AKM Birthday 2010 Zoot Suit - Meets Pink Lady
Zoot Suit Meets Pink Lady
(you have no idea how stressful that colour is for most cameras)

IN SEPTEMBER (not another Birthday) Christchurch Claremont
we performed in a wonderful acoustic, and raised over $1,700 for a great cause
SEPT 2010 Christchurch Moira's Introduction
Thanks to Moira for the suggestion and for much of the Organising

And check out the new uniforms!
SEPT 2010 Christchurch AKM

SEPT 2010 Christchurch AKM

SEPT 2010 Christchurch AKM

Poster of Spring Has Sung Concert

November 2010
Dunsborough SongFest

AKM at 2010 Dunsborough Song Fest
Performance in the Catholic Church

But before we go in,
We need a Bag Man
AKM 2010 Dunsborough SongFest BagMan

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If you are in the Kalamunda area on a Saturday Afternoon, come by and find out what we are up to.

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