A Kappella Munda

We get out and perform, and sometimes a brave soul risks taking a photo.

These are some of the recent pictures.
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In January  Digby had his 50th Birthday and invited AKM along
(only to have us - and all the members of many many other choirs he's
associated with - sing odd versions of familiar tunes and to enjoy ourselves)
AKM serenade for Digby's Birthday
there are always special lyrics involved

May 2010 this photo was taken at Clarkson Library
they were celebrating the anniversary of Waneroo Libraries
Nice group shot of us all in black with the AKM Colours
AKM at Clarkson Library

Also in May 2011 was a group shot in front of Town Square Hall
Which was used as the font cover of the Kalamunda Community Directory for 2011-12

AKM at Town Square Hall- May 2011 for Kalamunda Community Directory

At the beginning of June 2011 was the Denmark Festival of Voice
where, many of us went to a workshop to learn how to "Sing Like A Bloke"
AKM Members sing like a bloke Denmark 2011
at the end of which we emerged like a horde from the steppes
to invade the unsuspecting town of Denmark

AKM led by Digby sing like a bloke Denmark 2011
"That a-ways"

We also performed  At Denmark Festival of Voice
(no stills from those performance, but here is a shot of the warm-up)
AKM WarmUpDenmark 2011
St Leonard's Anglican Church is a great place to warm up (but often quite dark).

JUNE 2011 was A Kappella Munda's Birthday and that always requires a party...
She was just 17 | and you know what I mean | ...
so we had a Beatles theme
AKM-Birthday 2011 -Abbey Road (C) M Rutherford
(The Zebra Crossing seemed much brighter on the night)

AKM Birthday 2011 Harmony
More curious versions of familiar tunes

and the Group Shot
AKM Birthday 2011
Check out some of the details
Helen (reclining on the floor) is the Abbey Road zebra crossing
Front right is Steve Hills' John Lennon and at the back is Felicity Hills' Yoko in the big hat
Next to Felicity is Bernard's Egg Man from SPLHCB
Shirley had a sign with a date on it (yesterday's date actually)

In September 
we performed two sets at the Mundaring Village Markets
AKM at Mundaring Markets
The shade provided by Rotary was very necessary,
and the Public Address was loaned by Zig Zag Community Arts.
The Crowd seemed to appreciate our singing, and we drew a steady crowd.

At the end of October was the Zig Zag Festival,
which this year had a pirate theme, hence the hats
AKM at Zig Zag Festival 2011- (C) Gillian Berry
Photo by Gillian B Photography (used with permission)

Dunsborough SongFest 2011 had us Flashmob the shopping centre
AKM at Dunsborough SongFest 2011 - Flashmob
the high roof above us served to collect the sound (of all the cash registers)

AKM at Dunsborough SongFest 2011 - Flashmob

there were several performances captured on video

Chrismas brought AKM to the task of Caroling
AKM Caroling at Coles

Centro Kalamunda at the start of the Month (on a scorching day)

International Airport Terminal closer to Christmas

AKM 2011 Duty Free Carols
in festive reds and greens

Then we had to have another party (of course, that's what AKM does best)
AKM Chrismas 2011-Party Spread

and we had to get up and SING!
AKM Chrismas 2011-Party Songs

and the giving of Gifts
AKM Chrismas 2011-Party Pressies
Happy Christmas Digby!

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If you are in the Kalamunda area on a Saturday Afternoon, come by and find out what we are up to.

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