A Kappella Munda

We get out and perform, and sometimes a brave soul risks taking a photo.

These are some of the recent pictures.
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In February 2012 Celia had her 70th Birthday and invited us along
Group shot at Celia's Birthday (C) Gillian Berry
which involved much singing, folk music from Black Chooks
and even some swiming singers!

March 2012 A Kappella Munda performed for the Uthando Doll Project Fund Raiser
Warm Up at Uthando Doll Fundraiser
The warm-up happened under the big trees,

and the performance was next to the Pool.
Performance at Uthando Doll Fundraiser
We enjoyed the appreciative crowd

At the beginning of June 2012 A Kappella Munda
performed at the Denmark Festival of Voice
Warm Up at 2012 Denmark Festival of Voice
the only photos available now are of the warm-up
(Marcia led the warm-up as Digby was on Stage with another Choir)

and Sunday Morning there was breakfast with Eklektika
2012 Denmark Sunday Breakfast with Eklectica
with some singing thrown in, of course

JUNE 2012 was A Kappella Munda's 18th Birthday and that always requires a party...
2012 Birthday
can anyone remember exactly how we ended up with a Chinese theme? ...
Check the attention to detail:
Panda eating bamboo shoots
A Warrior, several Peasants,
a Mandarin (with two Courtesans)
a wandering Minstrel with a harp like instrument
and a couple of dragons...

The 2012 Zig Zag Festival in October had a Medieval Theme
which gave us an excuse to dress up
AKM 2012 Zig Zag Festival
And Digby danced with a Jester

Dunsborough SongFest was in November
and AKM had several performances
AKM 2012 Dunsborough SongFest
Video Still from Friday in the Clubhouse

AKM 2012 Dunsborough Songfest
Catholic Church Sunday concert

Christmas Parties always end up with a group shot in the dark
and 2012 was no exception
2012 AKM Christmas Party

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If you are in the Kalamunda area on a Saturday Afternoon, come by and find out what we are up to.

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