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We get out and perform, and sometimes a brave soul risks taking a photo.

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These are some of the recent pictures.
  Begin the year with a Birthday Party.  That should attract a few choir members and provide plenty of excuses to Sing.  This time it was Moira's turn.
Moira's realisation
Moira (in the grey dress and apron) realised this is the oldest she's ever been.

Fast forward to June and the Denmark Festival of Voice
Denmark Festival of Voice Friday at the Butter Factory
First outing is at the Butter Factory.
Saturday night performance
Denmark Festival Of Voice SaturdayPerformance
on the main stage

Then Digby called up Eklektica to join us on stage
Saturday Finale Digby with Jenny from Eklektica
Two Choirs and Two Leaders on stage

Next it's A Kappella Munda's Birthday
What sort of a theme can we have this year?  What about Bollywood?
Imagine - a world premiere movie night:
A Kappella Mumbai
it's A Kappella Mumbai

held in premises with an interior like a palace
A Kappella Mumbai Cast and crew
with a view all the way to the Taj Mahal and a cast worth thousands

and then there was singing
A Kappella Mumbai Singing
Starting on a low note always looks serious... but seldom is.

Moving on to July and one of the Sopranos is having a baby
Naomi's Birthday Shower
So we held Naomi a surprise Baby Shower, just to give us an excuse to sing to her

July saw A Kappella Munda collaborating and Performing, not once but twice - with Choir Voicemale and with The Black Chooks World Music Folk Band
Up Hill & Down Dale Poster AKM Voicemale & Black Chooks
here is the poster

and using stills from Videos here are some images from the two concerts
Lesmurdie Community Hall was the Up Hill Venue
Up Hill AKM on stage at Lesmurdie
A Kappella Munda opened the concert

Voicemale sang next
with all sorts of shenanigans

Then the Diamante's sang a sparkling medley of diamond-related tunes
AKM-Altos-Diamantes (Lesmurdie)
On the soles of their feet and on their hands, and self-evidently their best friends

Then Choirs and Chooks
Lesmurdie Chooks & Choirs
They sang an old Ladino number - Adio Querida

Then the Down Dale part of the concert tour
Down Dale Hilton AKM
At the end of their set the crowd went wild

Then Sharon introduced VoiceMale
and the fun began

After the Diamante's the Black Chooks came out to play
First, with the Choirs to help
Adio Querida

And again at the end of the Chooks set, the choirs joined them for a bit of 7/8 Macedonian music Milo Mou Kokkino - my little red apple.

Down Dale AKM Finale
Finale - Only You

August saw A Kappella Munda singing at the Centenary of the Guildford Wesley Chapel.
Guildford Wesley Chapel
Photo from the final rehearsal


Other Galleries 2006 and 2007  2008  2009  2010  2011 2012 2013  2014

If you are in the Kalamunda area on a Saturday Afternoon, come by and find out what we are up to.

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