A Kappella Munda

We get out and perform, and sometimes a brave soul risks taking a photo.

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These are some of the recent pictures.
ANZAC service below
New Norcia August

ANZAC Day Dawn Service
Kalamunda War Memorial
outside the Agricultural Hall

ANZAC Day Dawn Service at Kalamunda

 That's us on the right

We sang two National Anthems
ANZAC Day Dawn Service at Kalamunda

Torches to help us see the scores

Then they turned the lights on us
ANZAC Day Dawn Service at Kalamunda

And we sang "I'll sing you of my country"

3 minute video here
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New Norcia Weekend retreat

The first weekend in August had a good proportion of us staying at the Old Convent at New Norcia.
Something we haven't done for quite a few years.
Some of us at Morning Tea in the Kitchen Garden on Saturday

Being essentially a very sociable choir we had shared meals and snacks.
We were just waiting for the Cherries and Chocolates to come out...

Sunday afternoon before the light went we rushed up to St Gertrude's for some group photography

A Kappella Munda around the back of St Gertrude's chapel

Nice group shot in the sunshine

Then around the front at the rather imposing portico
A Kappella Munda at the doorway to St Gertrude's Main entrance
No squinty eyes looking into the sun this time

Later that night there were 22nd birthday celebrations. 

Cathy gets to Cut The Cake!
Catherine did the honors brilliantly, with a wish, and without touching the base!

Digby sliced the cake and Lisa passed the plates 
and Digby sliced the magnificent cake beautifully

So far so good

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Other Galleries 2006 and 2007  2008  2009  2010  2011 2012 2013 2014  2015  2016

If you are in the Kalamunda area on a Saturday Afternoon, come by and find out what we are up to.

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